Media Coverage


Selected Fair Music Project Coverage:

The Economist - The Music Business: Dry Stream of Musician Royalties

New York Times - David Byrne op-ed - Open the Music Industry's Black Box

Bloomberg - Your Streaming Payments Are Going Where?

Billboard - What a Mess: New Report from Berklee Looks to Fix an Aging Business

Fusion - Money in the music streaming business keeps mysteriously disappearing. Here’s why.

Marketplace - Everyone's getting the music streaming wrong

International Business Times - Are artists losing 20% to 50% of their streaming royalties? Depends on whom you ask

The Guardian - Could blockchain technology solve streaming music's payment rows?

NPR Music - Is Transparency the Music Industry's Next Battle?

Music Ally - Rethink Music puts focus back on music-industry transparency

Forbes - Time For A Creator's Bill Of Rights Says New Report

Boston Globe - Berklee report says musicians missing out on millions 

Hypebot - 5 Omissions from Berklee's Rethink Music report

Hollywood Reporter - Q&A with Troy Carter (references report)

El Mundo - ¿Salvarán las criptomonedas como Bitcoin a la industria de la música?

NY Post - Labels: Profit report from music school is "propaganda"


Prior coverage:

NPR - Once Again, Just What IS The Future of Music? 

Huffington Post - Rethinking the Music Business 

Forbes - How Interdisciplinary Collaboration Can Help The Music Industry 

Billboard - Rethinking Music: A Guest Post From Allen Bargfrede

Mashable - Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Damian Kulash & Neil Gaiman To Produce 8 Songs in 8 Hours

WBUR - 8 Songs in 8 Hours: What Does That Say About The Music Industry? 

Performer - Kobalt Backs Berklee’s Rethink Music Initiative

Boston Globe - Bold ideas for an iffy industry

Hypebot - Pitch Your Music Startup at Berlin Venture Day 

BostInno - How Berklee is Preparing Students for the Changing Music Industry 

Metro - Rethink Music: Looking for some sound decisions

Digital Music Trends - Interview with Allen Bargfrede

Industria Musical - Rescued Ideas se hace con el primer lugar en Rethink Music Venture Day 2014

WBUR - Berklee Conference To Explore Music Industry’s Future

Huffington Post - Karmin Holds The Music Industry Hostage

WBUR 90.9 Karmin, Seth Godin, Chris Kaskie and others interviewed at Rethink for feature on direct-to-fan marketing

Forbes 5 Best Hacks from Rethink Music Rethink Hackathon Winners Billions’ David Viecelli interviewed at Rethink Vevo’s Rio Caraef interviewed at Rethink

Hollywood Reporter Vevo’s Rio Caraef interviewed at Rethink

Hypebot announced Genesis Project winners

Hypebot recaps Rethink Hackers’ Weekend

The Verge’s Seth Goldstein interviewed at Rethink

The Verge recaps Rethink Hackers’ Weekend

The Verge recaps Ken Parks’ talk at Rethink

Boston Phoenix 8 takeaways from conference: “…there’s an unbelievable amount to learn at Rethink, in fact so much that I’d assign it as a requirement for anyone who wants to thrive in the new music marketplace.”

WBUR 90.9 preview with quote from Allen Bargfrede

Boston Metro Rethink preview with quotes from Allen Bargfrede, Ardie Farhadieh

Boston Metro recaps Seth Godin’s keynote

Boston Herald profiles Genesis Project winners Have You Heard

Melophobe interviewed GZA at Rethink

Let’s Talk Magazine night one recap

Examiner day one recap 

Examiner day two recap

Legrand Network recaps conference

Midemblog best Tweets from day one

Midemblog best Tweets from day two 

Midemblog day one preview 

Indie Ambassador day one recap 

Indie Ambassador day two recap 

Indie Ambassador best Tweets: day two 

The Fridge Rethink recap: how are artists making money? 

The Fridge Brand Building | Converse 

LaParadiddle Karmin interviewed at Rethink 

Melophobe reviewed Lumineers at Cafe 939 

Music Savage reviewed Lumineers at Cafe 939