Sustainability in Music

Guest post by Vickie Nauman, Founder & Owner of CrossBorder Works, an entertainment/tech consultancy and advisory film


Over the last 15 years, digital music has journeyed along an unpaved road, wending its way into our new connected world using the tools and assumptions of yesteryear.  The old/new business constructs have vastly different distribution mechanisms, container sizes, business models, ecosystems, and consumer expectations – but the core around which the industry is built, great music and appreciative fans, remains largely the same.

How Blockchain Can Change the Music Industry (Part 2)

Guest post by Benji Rogers.

A new “fair trade” music format could clean up the murky world of rights and royalties

This is an update to “How the Blockchain and VR Can Change the Music Industry,” published in Cuepoint on November 23rd, 2015.

I could never have imagined that the article I wrote would have the impact that it has, and I am humbled, stunned, and excited by the outpouring of interest and support that has come my way.

Fairness, Transparency & Technology


Interview with Casey Rae, CEO of Future of Music Coalition

What have you found are the most common themes during discussions about fair and transparent payment in the music industry? 

"Like many things that can become politicized, the terms “fair” or “transparent” can be used to promote agendas that aren’t necessarily either. This is the reason that Future of Music Coalition makes the effort to promote definitions that make sense for artists. As far as themes go, I think that the vibe among musicians and songwriters—which is my tribe—is that the pay isn’t fair..

We Have The Push, Now We Need The Pull - A 'Blockchain And The Arts' State Of The Union

There’s a distinct sense that the train has begun to leave the station with respect to blockchain technology being utilized by artists.

Over the past couple of weeks, I moderated/participated on three panels — The Rethink Fair Music WorkshopMIT’s Hacking Arts, and The Music Business Association’s Entertainment & Technology Law Conference. While blockchain technology was the stated theme on only one of these panels (The Music Business Association’s panel), it was the dominant topic on all of them.