5Qs Friday with David Hyman

The Death of Terrestrial Radio, the Free Market Economy, and Music Streaming

RM: What do you believe is the most-influential trend changing the music industry today?

DH: The death of terrestrial radio and its influence on selling music is probably the biggest change. Radio used to be everything—it was how people discovered music and it influenced purchase decisions. The advent of digital music, primarily streaming services, is drastically changing the music industry.

RM: If you could change one thing in today’s music industry to make it better, what would that be?

DH: I’d love to see more great artists creating more great music!

RM:  The United States is the only industrialized nation without a Ministry of Culture, yet culture is the country’s greatest export. What are your thoughts about that?

DH: Our free market economy is designed in such that it seems to be working best left to the free market. Entertainment is already one of our biggest exports. 

RM:  There are a lot of business models floating around for recorded music? Which one do you think makes the most sense?

DH: Streaming, specifically subscription music. It’s the future of music!

RM:  Who’s your favorite artist right now?

DH: That’s a tough question. The record I am playing most right now is Arrow by Heartless Bastards.

David Hyman, a self-proclaimed music junkie, is CEO & founder of MOG Inc., a next-generation music media company based in Berkeley, CA.

MOG Inc.was founded in 2005, and under his leadership, MOG’saward-winning, unlimited, on-demand music service provides access to a vast library of over 14 million songs through its mobile apps, online, through streaming entertainment devices, Internet connected TV’s and Blu-ray players and in the car. MOG Inc. is also provider of The MOG Music Network (MMN), the largest online music focused advertising network consisting of over 1,000 music sites, receiving over 60 million unique visitors a month.

Prior to MOG Inc., David served as CEO of Gracenote, the world’s largest music database & music-identification service, which sold to Sony for $260 million in 2008. Previously, he was SVP of Marketing at MTV Interactive, & co-founded Addicted to Noise, the webzine that pioneered multimedia music reporting & around-the-clock music news.

Learn more about MOG mog.com