Berklee College of Music & Midem Invite You to Rethink Music 2012

Only 14 days left until Rethink Music, are you ready?

Rethink Music, presented in association with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, brings together the strongest minds from across all facets of the music industry to examine current challenges and formulate paths forward.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in the music industry—executives, musicians, and academics are all welcome.

Why Attend?

Meet colleagues and make connections while tackling the biggest issues facing the music industry. Whether you are established in the music business, just starting out, or still in school, Rethink Music serves as an incubator for novel ideas and creativity. Join the debate about how to move the industry forward.

Berklee is tremendously excited to present the second annual Rethink Music conference in conjunction with midem and to continue its important music industry research initiative with Harvard. We continue to work to search for future solutions, empowering musicians along the way, through creative presentations and thought-provoking dialogue.”
— Allen Bargfrede, Executive Director of Rethink Music for Berklee College of Music

“There is a shared vision between midem and Rethink Music as both events will expand and include a larger scope of innovative themes and people in 2012. Technology, brands, startups, students, and artists will take center stage this year and we intend to hear the voice of the new generation, relief for the music industry, and future of the music business.
— Bruno Crolot, Director of midem

“We look forward to the 2012 conference and to ongoing engagement and scholarship between now and then, we welcome opportunities to convene diverse groups of stakeholders and think critically about opportunities and challenges facing creators and creative industries.” 
–Christopher Bavitz, Clinical Instructor at Harvard Law School and Assistant Director of the Law School’s Cyberlaw Clinic, based at the Berkman Center.