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Songs as Skills

Guest post by Benji Rogers Founder, dotBlockChain Media & Pledgemusic

“Alexa, please play the Moana soundtrack.”

That’s how my five-year-old daughter makes music play in our house (and yes, she says please).

Alexa then replies, “Now playing the soundtrack to the motion picture Moana by various artists on Spotify.”

Some version of this daily ritual is becoming more prevalent in households all over the world as voice control has become easier to use, and as Amazon, Google, and now Apple, march into the home.

What feeds the machine?

Twenty four years ago the music industry was blessed, or cursed depending on your point of view, with a digital music format called the MP3 (the WAV file format was introduced two years earlier). From that moment on music became files, and files go everywhere.

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"Rescued Ideas" Wins Berlin Venture Day

Rescued Ideas, a Berlin-based company with their product the Basslet, which lets users "feel" the beat of the music, was the winning startup concept at the annual Rethink Music Venture Day Berlin on October 24. The event, hosted at Factory Berlin, drew more than 400 startups, investors, artists, entrepreneurs, and executives in this second edition, making it the largest event focused solely on music entrepreneurship in Europe.

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