Creative Entrepreneurship

When you hear the words “creative entrepreneurship,” do you think of entrepreneurship in the creative industries? Or entrepreneurs who are creative and who innovate? The words inspire a variety of responses. Entrepreneurs in any industry need to be inventive and imaginative, but particularly in today’s evolving music industry, we desperately need both kinds. While much of the focus for music lately is on technology builders, and perhaps rightfully so, artists like Amanda Palmer, Trent Reznor, Thom Yorke, and a ton of young talent are also using clever strategies to build and sustain careers in the 21st century. And the reality is that musicians themselves are the ultimate entrepreneurs. They work for themselves. They record. They tour. They promote themselves as artists and writers. They can teach the rest of us a lot about creative entrepreneurship (read here for 4 things you can learn).

This fall, at Rethink Music Venture Day in Berlin, we’ll be hosting a day of workshops and sessions about building a business in the music industry. We'll also host young, innovative, creative entrepreneurs of all sorts who want to showcase their business ideas in front of experienced executives and investors.

Admission is free, and so is submission of your business idea.