Impact Weekend: Music Deconstruction Experience & Opening Party

Sunday kicked off with a full-day music clinic led by Berklee Professor of Music Production and Engineering, Stephen Webber. The morning sessions consisted of practical, tools-based workshops designed to arm attendees with techniques to take their songwriting skills and productions to the next level. The afternoon session featured a performance by the Berklee Turntable Crew, and an artist led clinic featuring Portugal. The Man’s John Gourley, and their Manager Rich Holtzman. Both were candid and talked about perseverance, working hard, remaining realistic, and dealing with the pros and cons of a record label. 

L to R: Prof. Stephen Webber, John Gourley, Rich Holtzman

Later that evening, Rethink Music kicked off with a bang with an opening concert featuring Yoga Girls, Karmin, and Junior Boys.

Today, the full conference programming begins at the Hynes. 

Photos: © Dana Córdova