The Health Implications of Music


Guest post by Marko Ahtisaari, CEO of The Sync Project

We all intuitively know that music can have powerful effects on our emotions and even behavior. Whether it’s drowning out distractions at work, powering through a workout at the gym, or relaxing after a long day, music is an ally in many aspects of our life that many can’t do without. Current technology has made access to a “celestial jukebox” of music almost universal but many are missing out on what maybe music’s most powerful effects. A growing body of research shows music has the potential to address broader health and wellness concerns, from specific neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's to more widespread “quality of life” areas such as pain, sleep and even focus and attention.

For example, current advances in the neuroscience research have revealed listening to music can trigger the same biochemical reactions as food, sex and exercise--which leads to some thought provoking questions: Could music one day be prescribed in place of traditional medicine? Could music improve your recovery from surgery or counteract the dangerous effects of drug addiction?

Sync Project is a company developing music technology for wellness and health. We’ve joined forces with scientists and musicians from around the world to unlock the hidden resources of music for health and wellness. We’re excited to be collaborating with Rethink Music on a report delving deeper into the research of the health effects of music. The outcome of the report should provide insights and recommendations for the healthcare and music industries, allowing them to more clearly focus their efforts and research in supporting music-related health interventions. We look forward to working with Rethink Music to bring together researchers, artists and other industry stakeholders to pave a path for the future of music for health and wellness. Stay tuned!

Allen Bargfrede